Child of God (feelslike_2day) wrote in kimmy_is_love,
Child of God

Closed Membership!

hey Kimmy lovers,
just wanted to announce that kimmy_is_love is now under closed membership!

 To keep the exclusivity of this fabulous community,  anyone who wants to be a member must state their insane-o love for Kimmy and have wonnerful reasons for joining!

To anyone wanting to join:

answer the following in a comment on this post!

1) Say why Kimmy is love.

2) State your reasons for joining kimmy_is_love

3) admit you are incredibly far from normal, by joining this and are okay with that.

4) Pledge Allegiance to Kimmyda and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under kimmy, with Josh and coffee for all!

5) No stalking kimmy! Only *I* am allowed to do that!

Happy posting to all Kimmynadians!
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