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I am on a mission

Our dearest Kimmy is feeling a wee bit bummed.  So I am dredging up some fun times we had last year when we made up these crazy fantasies for each other.  These were some of her favorites that I created for her.

*sends you Viggo in his Aragorn regalia.  He busts into your room doing that incredibly sexy stride thing.  He strides over to you, and looks intensely into your eyes, grabs your face and kisses you like he is going to eat you from the mouth down.  Passionate man-of-the-west sex ensues*

*Josh makes an impatient growly noise, grabs Kimmy’s hand and drags her into the teachers lounge where he bars the door with the coke machine and then throws Kimmy down on the skeezy coach and starts ripping her clothes off with his teeth.*

Grr... I had a fantastic one about Colin Firth that I cant find.  So I issue challenge to you crazy Kimmy loving women.  Write her a steamy fantasy about some one she really lusts after.  Josh is always really good. 
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